North Shore Symphony Orchestra Concert

Tonight I heard two modern works that I quite liked (yay for New Music!).

Alan Hankers’ Aura lived up to its title. I felt as if a mist somehow found its way into the concert hall.  The mysterious atmosphere sparkled when the timpani rolled. 

The other contemporary piece — No Longer There, But Here, by Nicholas Hall — was like a dogfight. Percussionists frantically ran around at the back of the stage, covering a wide array of instruments. Kettledrums volleyed abrasive hits to the bass drum, which rumbled in turn. All of Hall’s percussion choices added lively colors to his work.

Also on the program were two concertos and a Mozart symphony. Alexandra Woroniecka performed Wieniawski’s Violin Concerto No. 2. She displayed tremendous artistic taste throughout her performance.

The other solo was Grieg’s Piano Concerto. Christian Verfenstein played marvelously as well. Grieg’s concerto is one of my favorite works, and he made it shine.

Last on the docket was Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony. The famously “back-heavy” work never fails to captivate its audience.

This was the North Shore Symphony Orchestra’s final concert of the season. I’m really grateful to have had the chance to write the program notes for every concert this year (check them out under “Published Works”!).

I’m looking forward to next season and will keep a ready eye for these composers and soloists in the future.


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