My name is Timothy Diovanni and I am a musician and musicology student at Columbia University. I write a music column for The Columbia Lion, program notes for The North Shore Symphony Orchestra, and contribute for Feminist in the Concert Hall, the Women Philharmonic Advocacy’s blog. I recently joined the Music Critics Association of North America. In the past, I have written for The Eye, the magazine of The Columbia Spectator (as a music critic and as the Arts Editor).

I am currently working on a project analyzing the reception of Franz Schubert in Paris in the 1830s and 1840s. My other main research is on the effects of music critics and historians on Germaine Tailleferre’s legacy. If not in the music library, I can be found in the cluttered writing classroom adjacent to Dodge 404 — practicing scales and long tones, in search of the perfect reed.

I can be reached at td2467@columbia.edu or tweeted @howeyehearit.