Janáček and Post Offices

Vienna surprised me again. Well actually, twice.


After checking the Abendkasse for tickets, I sat down across the street, on some dirty — but nevertheless inviting — steps. Rather optimistically, I thought it would be nice if there was a post office right there, since I was searching for one earlier. I looked up, hoping that my wish would just suddenly appear across the street. Instead, Leoš Janáček popped out at me.


Curious, I walked over to him (actually a charcoaled plaque. But you get the idea.). This little monument advertised Janáček’s stay in the adjoining hotel during the first performance of Jenufa in Vienna. It’s pretty cool that there’s this tidbit of opera history here, right around the corner from the Wiener Kammeroper. The connection is especially interesting because Jenufa is considered by many to be a modern masterpiece.


After this mini-discovery, I crossed the street, back to my steps. To kill some time, I people-watched. Hungry Czechs brisked by. Pugs earnestly pulled their owners. A bicyclist glided into a bike stand. Wait a second. Does that bike stand say “Post” on it?!? I quickly pivoted and, sure enough, there was a post office right there — directly behind me all along!


I think I have a new — albeit mundane — superpower. I’ll use it for good, I promise.




For a reflection on the opera performance that I saw afterwards, see here